Thursday, September 5, 2013

baking and culinary tattoos

Hello, Bread and Honey! Lots and lots of crazy-ass stuff has been going on for me over the last couple of years. Learning to tattoo has been an experience that I've been likening to having a newborn baby. It's the exact same combination of fear of failure, grueling work hours, and awkward fumbling with new motor skills, coupled with the joy of creating something new, the knowledge that you've found something that you're going to love indefinitely, and the acceptance and realization that This Is Your Life Now. I have a kid, so I'm not making this shit up. It's been the same rollercoaster of emotions. SORRY TO GET ALL SAPPY BUT I HAVE FEELINGS.

Anyway I just came here to post because I was thinking about how, in a roundabout way, making this food blog to begin with has provided me with a base of really cool people who like my work. So many of you have followed my work from here to tumblr/pinterest and I've had the opportunity to do so many super cool food-related tattoos. I wanted to share some that I've made recently.

This first one was actually what made me think I should come here and check in. Calantha is a woman who had followed this blog, followed my work elsewhere, and came from CANADA to get a tattoo from me on her BIRTHDAY and that BLEW MY MIND. The internet is awesome. Calantha is a bread baker and she is opening a bakery in Ontario called Elora Bread Trading Co. HI CALANTHA!


Lindsay is a local baker who came to me to illustrate baking botanicals to celebrate her loves. I used the floral portions of different herbs and spices and tied them together with a rose (i love baked goods with rosewater!) because rose tattoos are awesome.


Rachel is a Montessori teacher and she is super cool and I like her and she is getting a sleeve pieced together and she got this pretty sprig of rosemary, an herb that I love:


ARTICHOKE. DUDE. Also no pressure but Stephanie was on a trip from her adopted hometown in Scotland and getting tattooed by different artists throughout her trip!! She gifted me a delicious little bottle of Scotch that tasted like sweet tequila, somehow.


Jeremy is a nice young man and he apparently loves beets quite a bit. Which makes sense because beets are fucking delicious.


Okay that's probably enough for this tangent. I think what I'm saying is, keep em coming. I love doing food tattoos. I love that food brings people together blah blah blah sentimental, etc. But seriously- Thanks for everything, everyone.


Lisa Ghenne said...

I'm so glad I left your blog in my reader. I was super excited when I saw you posted again. All I can say is, I'm the east coast and if you and I were on the same coast, I'd been calling you for a tattoo appt. damn you're good. If you ever travel to New England, please, please let me know. I love your style. I hope you update us again! How can I follow you on Pin and Facebook? Lisa

Random Revelry said...

Super cool tattoos. I really liked the first one...

Lisa-Marie said...

Alice, those are some bad ass tattoos. I love the beet one, and the wheat sheaves.

I was also very happy to see this post in my reader!

Jackie Downs said...

I don't have any tattoos, but if i got one i would come to you and get some fynbos tattooed to my arm. :)