Sunday, September 23, 2012


i got to do 2 very different tattoos on 2 very different farmers from different parts of the country this week and i felt like sharing.


Sam Lamb runs Early Bird Acres, 2 hours outside of Oklahoma City. I've followed her photography online for years and we coincidentally have a friend in common who lives in Portland, so I was able to hang out and tattoo her this week.


She wanted a blue egg inspired by the eggs she collects on her farm, and some cute blue wildflowers.

The other woman I tattooed, I know very little about but I spent a really pleasant 2 hours giving her these solid black bands around her arm:



She is an organic farmer in Port Townshend, WA and she also teaches creative movement and dance at a summer camp for small children, and does substance abuse counseling for teens. She was amazing! We talked about farming and raising animals and all kinds of stuff.

I love my job.