Thursday, July 14, 2011

raspberry summer

my friends let me pick berries in their AMAZING BACKYARD the other day




spy the beehive behind the currant grove:




this backyard is totally like the most epic secret-garden-perfect-backyard ever, totally overgrown (despite jeff's constant pruning and work- i've seen him! he works all the time back there!) it's exactly the kind of yard i fantasize about but would never, ever, have the energy to keep up on.

here are some awesome cakes that my friend sammy decorated for the bakery!

sammy's hipster cakes

she's really into geometric patterns and mathy art and cool universe stuff and YACHT and cool things like that, haha! i thought these cakes reminded me of cool 70's sweaters. they all sold really fast!

speaking of the bakery i get these weird faces on the bottom of my naked portafilter a lot:

oh no!

i don't know if i have it in me to explain a naked portafilter to non-coffee nerds but basically there is NO WAY for me to force a face to show up, it's a drip pattern that happens ALL BY ITSELF and it happens at least a couple of times a day. sometimes i get a perfect little smiley face, too. it's really weird/awesome. the only embarrassing thing is that if you ARE enough of a coffee nerd to know what this thing is, then you know that the only way i could get a face to show up is to not clean out my portafilter long enough for the drip pattern to dry on the bottom of the basket. SHHHH.


snack perfection

dried black mission figs, raw almonds, a hunk of raw milk cheese, and a macchiato.

i have been drawing a lot and doing more tattoos.

speaking of tattoos i went ahead and started a special tattoo blog where i will post some of the tattoos that i do! tadaaaa!

the last few days have been cool and i'm hoping it will heat back up. give me muggy or give me death! i want to really look forward to october, you know what i mean?