Sunday, March 20, 2011

living the dream


Sometimes you go to a wild-game-burger cart and you bump into a friend who is hanging out with his friend from Seattle and she sees you and is all "OMG! I READ YOUR BLOG!" before even extending her hand to say hello and introduce yourself. And you are like, MAN THAT IS HILARIOUS and then you take a picture of her and put it on your blog.

Sometimes your friend gets his personal catch phrase tattooed on the palm of his hand:


Sometimes you wear the same band tshirt to work as your boss:

sword sisters

Sometimes you go to the Asian superstore to buy another fermentation jar and you come home with a cute little $1.49 teacup


Sometimes you spend your day-off mornings in coffee shops with your son, drawing and drinking americanos.


Sometimes you decide that since you make kimchi differently every time you try a new batch, that you're too lazy to ever post a recipe on your food blog, but you heartily recommend the book Wild Fermentation as a resource:


I wish I could be all posi in here like I always am and be like OH GOD LIFE IS SO RAD I AM JUST TOO BUSY TO UPDATE MY FOOD BLOG! EVERY SECOND RULES AND I AM JUST TOO BUSY HAVING FUN TO DO ANYTHING ELSE! But actually the last few months have been kind of rough for us just in terms of illness and general grumps and feeling like THE WORLD IS ENDING A LITTLE BIT and then that stupid fucking supermoon came and made everyone I know crazy and grumpy for DAYYYYS. And so all that sucked.

But, the good news is, I woke up real chipper this morning and I am feeling pretty goddamn great about things now. So, hello again! JK everything totally does rule!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

stuff i eat

dear food blog, here are some things i ate:


eggs, salsa, raw milk cheddar, avocado, spinach, whole wheat and flax tortilla, yogurt.


whole wheat toast, goat cheese, chopped almonds, dried black mission figs, honey drizzle.


avocado, scrambled eggs, whole wheat and flax tortilla, homemade kimchi.

a bunch of people got all excited when i mentioned making homemade kimchi and a couple people were like 'i can't wait to see your recipe!' which kind of made me laugh. hello, i am a boring white girl from oregon. obviously, i googled a recipe. and even though my first attempt was edible and even sort of delicious, i certainly wouldn't consider it good enough to be like "INTERNET! DO EXACTLY AS I DO! I CHECKED OUT A BOOK ABOUT FERMENTATION FROM THE LIBRARY AND I AM NOW A KIMCHI EXPERT!" i will post about it soon but don't get your panties in a wad expecting a spectacular recipe or any kind of secrets. if you're interested, just google it like i did. or actually here, let me google that for you:

there you go.

HEY here is a question. any of you portland people have a hot tip on a high-maintenance hippie chow burrito shop place that ISN'T laughing planet? MAN i am tired of that place. i just want brown rice and whole wheat tortillas, is that so wrong? i know cha cha cha has whole wheat tortillas and i go there sometimes but i want 5 dollar pretend-healthy dinner from someplace else. i'm about to start doing the whole bowl thing but maybe there is a HIPPIE SECRET that i don't know about. PORTLAND. HELLO. also please feel free to begin making portlandia jokes. it's the right thing to do.