Friday, February 25, 2011

perfect snacks

three almonds shoved inside of a dried black mission fig. I COULD EAT THIS AS AN ENTIRE MEAL. Actually the other day, I did. For lunch I just ate a big handful of almonds and an even bigger handful of figs. It ruled.

perfect magic snack

bird in the hole

I recently made my son a bird in the hole for the first time. He's not super sold on it but he's more of a scrambled egg kind of kid. You know, that ingrained OCD that all toddlers have. OH MY GOD IT'S MORE THAN ONE COLOR!!!! I CANNOT EAT IT IF THE COLORS ARE TOUCHING BUT NOT MIXED TOGETHERRRRR!!!!

shooters of ethiopian honey (brought back by a friend) and water & apple cider vinegar:


a pretty jar of dried spirulina at my sister's house:

spirulina jar at my sister's house

i've been drinking a lot of green kombuchas. i had some at dinner tonight and my husband told me it looked like i was drinking my paint water. he was totally right, haha. i need to get some spirulina to have around for smoothies.

bee wreath

lattes and drawing, almost every day.

2011 is off to a weird start and is it already march? what the hell? i haven't planted ANYTHING. it snowed yesterday. (i've heard people jokingly refer to it as 'snow-verreaction 2011.' the closed the schools and everything for a lousy 2 inches of snow.)

let me tell you about what i had for dinner tonight, it was brown rice with roasted vegetables (daikon, broccoli, yellow squash, zucchini, carrot), fried eggs, and homemade kimchi. with sriracha. and a small glass of green kombucha. WHAT'S THAT SMELL OH IT IS MY HAIRY STINKY HIPPIE ARMPITS NO BIG DEAL. I ATE BAREFOOT WITH MY LEGS CROSSED AND A LOOK OF SMUG SATISFACTION ON MY FACE, WHY DO YOU CARE. ISN'T THAT WHAT HIPPIES DO?

oh yeah and for lunch i had a whole grain english muffin with avocado, ham, and raw milk cheddar.


shit like THAT is why i stopped posting recipes on here, for the most part. tastespotting does not give a shit about my sloppy hippie chow (EVEN THOUGH IT WAS DELICIOUS). however, did you notice the part where i said "homemade kimchi?" yeah, i made some. i'll probably go ahead and post about that later this week.

Friday, February 11, 2011

at the bakery



I work in a bakery/cafe as a barista, but I'm an enthusiastic spectator of the production bakers. One of them picked up this rad apron the other day and every time I see it, it cracks me up. P.s. see my rad latte? I love lattes.