Saturday, June 4, 2011

pre-gaming for summer.

here are some things.

coworkers rolling out tart dough:


tart dough


a really cool thing just happened to me. i got the opportunity to guest-barista for the stumptown cart, backstage at the sasquatch festival! my mind is thoroughly blown. i can barely even talk about it because i try to play it cool and then all the sudden i'm just like GUSHING. i think it is safe to say that it is one of the COOLEST, FUNNEST THINGS I HAVE EVER GOTTEN TO DO:



the craziest part was that the rock stars were so stoked to see US! they were like OH MY GOD, STUMPTOWN IS HERE. YES. I AM GOING TO DRINK LIKE 300 LATTES. i made espresso for the dap kings right before they played! it was awesome!

apparently it was the 10-year anniversary of the festival, so the organizers hired the ace of cakes people to make a sasquatch cake!


the only part of it that's actually cake is the little lumberjack guy- the rest is wood or cardboard or something. it sat around, pristine, for like 2 days, and then the singer for the flaming lips smashed it on stage and threw chunks of cake into the crowd. my son was so bummed, he REALLY wanted to eat it. i didn't have the heart to tell him how gross fondant really tastes.

the only reason i got to to go the festival is that my husband drove up the coffee cart and installed it. he tricked out the la marzocco linea that we were working on with LED spotlights in between the group heads and it was really cool!!!


in other news i drink a lot of espresso nowadays.

and finally, i am very slowly learning to tattoo and it's really cool. here is the second tattoo i've ever done on another person:

second one!

i think it came out pretty good! #3 is coming up soon. i don't have a lot of time to make appointments with people so i haven't gotten to practice much. but it's cool, it is really fun.

anyway today was the first 80 degree + day we've had all year and i don't know wtf i am doing in the basement. i bought a BIKE yesterday and i rode it to work this morning! and now i'm going to go into my backyard and pick a bunch of mint for the mint-cucumber-yogurt-avocado salad i'm about to make to go with the lamb we're about to grill.



Sowing Clover (Emily) said...

You are so cool and great! How come I don't read your blog that much? Tell me!! Congrats on Sasquatch and tatoos.

the [sugar] apothecary said...

Dang! Pretty impressive for your 2nd tattoo on another human! Sounds like you're hopped up on espresso and adrenaline, and having a blast. Good to hear :)

Marisa said...

Dude. Don't be a fondant hater. Marshmallow fondant is really good, unless you don't like sugar. But if you don't like sugar, you shouldn't be eating cake anyway.

Seriously. Marshmallow fondant.

A wind said...

great tattoo. love your photos!

Brittany said...

it's pretty cool that you do tats AND bake. i feel rather dull all of the sudden. ;)

serialkiller said...

dude, after watching Ace Of Cakes and seeing how fondled that fondant is? Hell no. You won't catch me putting that nasty shit in my mouth.

megcjones said...

just found this - love your blog! i'm waiting for my first tattoo to get designed and i can't wait. i think it must be amazing to have someone want your artwork as a permanent part of their body. love your photos!

H. said... to start...Ok, your photos are amazing, you have a very good eye for pretty things! What a great event and opportunity for you to be part of that festival, you even got to see an Ace of Cakes cake for real! Your 2nd tatoo looks amazing bye the way!


~Heather said...

You can listen to some recorded live Sasquatch music, if you need to get all nostalgic for the show...

Lo said...

This is one of those posts that makes me happy. It glitters and glows with all of your excitement about everything going on -- and I totally get it.

Love that tattoo!

DANIELLE said...

I swear I always check to see if you've blogged lately. Um, not a stalker.

Sarah said...

I like the ace of cakes show - but I really don't like how they barely make anythign out of CAKE! It's all wood and pipes and stuff. But they sure are pretty.

Alejandra Ramos said...

The tattoo is beautiful! I'm a fellow fondant-hater.

myrtle said...

Great! Love the photos. Awesome tattoo bdw.=D