Wednesday, June 22, 2011


despite my natural tendency to make fun of gingers (the gingervitis episode of south park DESTROYS ME, hahaha), i am constantly surrounded by gingers that i LOOOOOVE.

case in point, one of my very close friends, heidi.
heidi's a babe.

heidi is basically family to me, and our kids are bffs so we like to spend some time together now and again. tonight we spent some time together of the drinking variety and at some point we decided to do some DISTILLING. long story short, recently she and her partner made some delicious smelling rose water by distillation process, and as she described it to me it, occurred to us that we could do any sort of fragrant plant and see how it turned out, so tonight we experimented with some fresh herbs that were growing in my backyard.


thyme water

we started out with a bunch of thyme but as it was going, it smelled pretty gross, honestly. after we chilled the distilled liquid it smelled better, though. (wait i bet you are all like HOW THE FUCK DID YOU MAKE THIS DISTILLED LIQUID!!!! but stfu i'm getting there!)

after all the thyme got fucked up we decided to switch to sage because i'm growing both and that shit came out way better.

OKAY probably by now you are really mad that i haven't described this process to you. the simplest way to describe it is that you are boiling shit with a lid on it and collecting the drops of water that form on the inside of the lid. but trickier because you use a little bowl inside the pot and you put ice on top of the lid to form even more condensation than normal.

here is a link to describe it better than my drunk dumb ass could at one a.m.:

i don't know if that is comprehensible to you, but my friend showed me, which is good because i am a dumbass about following instructions without pictures.

i will say that with the thyme, i trimmed off whole sprigs and the resulting concoction smelled dirty and musty as it boiled. first i brought the whole thing to a boil and let it simmer, and i think it was gross. with the sage, i picked JUST THE LEAVES, no stems, and i brought the water to a mild simmer before adding the leaves and then covering. i don't know if the methods made any crazy difference but i will say that after chilling, the thyme water smelled really good, different than when it was hot. and the sage smelled delicious the whole time.

speaking of pictures, here is my new bike that i haven't named yet, i love it:


well anyway, friendos. hope you all are well.


Mophie said...

hey....what happened to the part about your hubby? That just disappeared between now and a few hours ago...did you take it off? Cuz I thought it was really sweet....

Alicia Lynn Carrier said...

yeah i deleted it, haha! i love my husband but this post is like the internet equivalent of a drunk dial- evidence of my late night rambling. he's not really that into being blogged about, i think it weirds him out when people recognize him from the internet.

Kenon said...

Your posts always give me a good laugh in between the serious blogs I read with straight recipes and little humor. The sage distillation sounds pretty good. Something I'll have to try out with some of the herbs I'm growing at home.

I don't think I've ever drunk blogged before; drunk dial maybe... I'm gonna have to try that out at some point. That's a good excuse for drinking right?

H. said...

Hahaha that was so fun to read! Cheers! =)

Eileen said...

Ok, I have to say this is super intriguing (& sounds much better than the last thing I read about distilling, which was more in the "how to survive in the wilderness without drinking your own pee" area). I bet herby waters like this would be excellent for garden-party type endeavors, with cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. I'd like to try something in the lavender area too.

Amanda said...

this is really ironic, but i just got done going on a schwinn history oddessy via the internet, because I was trying to figure out what kind of bike I had. turns out, I have 1972 'SuperSport'. Can't tell from your picture what variety yours is, but this 1970-something catalogue should help... or at least give you a good laugh: