Sunday, November 21, 2010

dope dope dope

life has been way too awesome to spend every day blogging. like the other day i was standing in front of a bar texting my no-show friends and shivering in the cold all like "BOO HOO NOW WHAT?" and another friend just happened to walk by. he was like, "dude what are you doing right now? there's a free red fang show at the tube in five minutes, we're walking there right now!"


so... that was fucking sweet.

it's supposed to snow tonight. it's been really cold and wet.


(you can tell because i posted this picture of RAAAAIN. it like, sets the mood and shit.)

also i have been making lots of soups because it's been really cold:


i have been slowly making my way through this soup cookbook:

it has a bunch of cool techniques and hints and stuff, like enriching your soup by stirring in a knob of butter at the end (I RECOMMEND THIS!!!!) or how to rescue a too-salty soup (cook a whole potato in the soup and then remove it). i love this book! thank you, library!!

this year we are hosting a small family thanksgiving at our house for the very first time. we already ordered our stupid hippie free range turkey (only like 10 cents more a pound than the crappy supermarket turkeys! it better be good though, i want to feel really smug about it.) and i've been pre-gaming by making lots of stock and freezing it, and the other day i finally roasted off the pumpkins i grew:


I mashed it and swapped some of it at a food swap, and the rest i'm saving for a pumpkin pie. now i have to decide if i want to do a streusel-top pumpkin pie. i know that i would love it but i think my family might get weird.


also been taking beautiful walks on beautiful days with beautiful friends.

if i were the jesus-y sort i'd probably sit here talking about how blessed i am by the lord but instead how about i make a joke about satan (SATAN RULES!) and just give out a general vibe to the universe- THANKS UNIVERSE. thanks for the free red fang show, awesome friends, good food, health, family, and a roof over my head.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

time flies

hollis looking magical

I'm not going to come right out and blab about where I work on the internet (that's weird!), but here is a nice little behind the scenes moment from the other day. This is one of the lovely bakers from the back of the house, frosting a cake. The bakery is set back a little from the street and there are only a few points during the day that there is really direct sunlight hitting the windows but when it does, it's really magical and nice.

The other day I made a large pot of soup:


I'd planned to make chili but I accidentally added too much liquid and the tomatoes I used were stewed plum tomatoes with basil, and it smelled so good when I added it that I decided to just go full-on tomato soup instead of chili. I froze some to save for an upcoming food swap, I'm looking forward to it.

A few months ago we visited the bay area to see my in-laws and I got a fortune from one of those little mechanical machines at the Santa Cruz boardwalk:

i take these things pretty seriously.  i think the movie "big" warped my brain.

It told me to wear onyx, so I got some:


I think it's a good thing that it already feels really natural to be wearing this ring all the time. I'm a big fan of psychosomatic good luck, and little talismans, and any kind of power object that makes people feel better. I mentioned to a friend that I take fortunes sort of seriously because I figure that it can only help or do nothing, but it definitely won't do anything negative. She pointed out to me that people with OCD exhibit similar thought patterns and I was like DUH HAVE WE MET.

Also my halloween was raaaaadddddd:


At work I dressed as a zombie waitress (or alternately, green secretary from beetlejuice or hot blue star trek lady, whatever the mind settles on) and then I took my son trick or treating with friends:


And yes, I let my son eat candy, but no- not that much.

I don't want to jinx anything, but I have a meeting on Tuesday with my favorite store I've ever been to, they are opening a branch in Portland and I'm hoping to consign some of my original drawings on wood there. Wish me luck!