Wednesday, August 4, 2010

dude seriously

i can't believe how many people commented on that other post who seriously thought i would name my new blog "alternative mom zone"


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


okay seriously though, should i start a new blog or should i just start rambling here all the time? i just can't think of a name for the new blog. it feels shitty to just use this blog to blah blah blah about my own crap all the time since i started it with summer and she did all the promoting in the beginning and that's the only reason i have a bunch of readers ANYWAY and she doesn't even BLOG HERE ANYMORE.

i keep meaning to like start a new artsy-life-foody-whatever blog, but i've been really busy!

playing kickball with friends in the park:

sniffin on beeswax:

taking my kid to the park:

AND WORKING ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I'll stumble in the front door, exhausted and low on the ol' blood sugar at like 6 p.m. after working all day and then picking up my son from daycare, and I'll think about all the shit I used to spend all day cooking and then blogging about, and I wonder how many working moms would read that shit and be like HAHA ASSHOLE, SURE I WOULD LOVE TO SPEND 2 HOURS MAKING INDIVIDUAL PITA BREADS, THANKS FOR THE RECIPE! OH YEAH I TOTALLY LOVE HOVERING OVER MY CHICKEN STOCK FOR 4 HOURS AT A TIME!

But whatever. Life is what it is, and right now it's fucking dope as hell, so as much as I'd love to lament that I don't have the energy- mental or physical, to keep up with a bloggity blog, I'm too busy getting drunk at the park and falling on my ass diving for a red rubber ball, or singing my son 10 million bedtime songs, or falling asleep on the couch with my husband, or whatever else.

BUT I still want to make art and take photos and yap at the internet about food I love, so I still want to start another blog. I just don't know what to call it. SOMEONE COME UP WITH A GOOD NAME PLEASE. MY FRIEND EMILY SUGGESTED "ALTERNATIVE MOM ZONE"WHICH I AM LEANING TOWARD, BUT COME ON NOW.

Also I think that I regretfully contributed to the now-irritating trend of ___ and ___ blogs, so let's just not do that again, shall we? NAME IT. I'M LAZY.