Saturday, May 22, 2010

farmington army and good company


Our kitchen is still a large empty room (but with trim! and a grouted floor! and beautiful green walls!) and we are so goddamn tired of washing dishes in the bathroom that we're taking everyone we know up on offers for dinner parties in between our own jobs and obligations.

Last night we met up with some friends who made us fresh pasta and served us homemade pickles and giant trays of olives- oh man, I ate myself to death, it was awesome.



Add to that a pizza party at another close friend's house earlier in the week:

And taking a visiting friend to one of my favorite taco trucks:

cora y huichol

It's been a good week for eating. (A shitty week for taking care of my blood sugar, but who's keeping track, right?)

I also finally popped back into Josh's farm to take some photos, and you can find the full update over here.


My husband anticipates that the kitchen might be done within the next 2 weeks. I CANNOT WAIT.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

home stretch


cora y huichol


It feels like I don't have much to report, but you know- stuff's getting done. The kitchen is in the home stretch (tiling is done! walls are done!), I've still been eating a lot of take out (taco truck mmmmmm), and slugs are eating the bejesus out of my radishes. Jerks. Tomatoes are in the ground, bush beans are sprouting, peas are over a foot high.

Hey by the way, something just popped into my head. If you are planning to leave a comment that looks like this:

"Great post!!!!

<3 ~*~Alice~*~"

Don't. You're a dumbass.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

cherry blossom & green tea kitkat.

Well hey. Remember my new food blog buddy/penpal Sunday Williams?

quickly photoshopped

No? Oh, I guess I was too much of a dumbass to remember to post about it. Well, long story short, I sent her this partially eaten candy bar in the mail so she could taste how weird it was. She sent me back a goofy package of mailing labels and it was all like WHEE! FUN!

Then she had a random drawing to win a GREEN TEA AND CHERRY BLOSSOM FLAVORED KIT KAT BAR and I inexplicably won, which is funny. I never win random drawings.


But I mean, it's funny, right? Given our previous history.


So anyway I got this guy in the mail today.



I opened it up, not really expecting anything, and was really blown away by the lovely green color, haha:

GREEN?!?!?!?!  green kitkat.

My husband was a willing guinea pig, I broke him off a piece, HA HA HA. OH GOD, HAHA. Ha.


Anyway, I felt like it had a sort of bizarre, nostalgia-inducing flavor that I still haven't managed to put my finger on, but my husband was just like, "Uh, it tastes like white chocolate to me, basically." And he was right, that was the general flavor. I think I might go have another piece just to see if I can get my brain to confirm what the weird memories are that I have attached to the flavor. I DON'T KNOW, MAN. Like olfactory memory but like, in your mouth.

Anyway, we still don't have a kitchen and I am SO OVER TAKEOUT, dude. We have walls and half a floor now, so that means it's kind of all downhill from here, I hope. I can't wait to post finished photos and also I CANNOT WAIT TO COOK AGAIN. REAL FOOD.

Good night.