Saturday, November 6, 2010

time flies

hollis looking magical

I'm not going to come right out and blab about where I work on the internet (that's weird!), but here is a nice little behind the scenes moment from the other day. This is one of the lovely bakers from the back of the house, frosting a cake. The bakery is set back a little from the street and there are only a few points during the day that there is really direct sunlight hitting the windows but when it does, it's really magical and nice.

The other day I made a large pot of soup:


I'd planned to make chili but I accidentally added too much liquid and the tomatoes I used were stewed plum tomatoes with basil, and it smelled so good when I added it that I decided to just go full-on tomato soup instead of chili. I froze some to save for an upcoming food swap, I'm looking forward to it.

A few months ago we visited the bay area to see my in-laws and I got a fortune from one of those little mechanical machines at the Santa Cruz boardwalk:

i take these things pretty seriously.  i think the movie "big" warped my brain.

It told me to wear onyx, so I got some:


I think it's a good thing that it already feels really natural to be wearing this ring all the time. I'm a big fan of psychosomatic good luck, and little talismans, and any kind of power object that makes people feel better. I mentioned to a friend that I take fortunes sort of seriously because I figure that it can only help or do nothing, but it definitely won't do anything negative. She pointed out to me that people with OCD exhibit similar thought patterns and I was like DUH HAVE WE MET.

Also my halloween was raaaaadddddd:


At work I dressed as a zombie waitress (or alternately, green secretary from beetlejuice or hot blue star trek lady, whatever the mind settles on) and then I took my son trick or treating with friends:


And yes, I let my son eat candy, but no- not that much.

I don't want to jinx anything, but I have a meeting on Tuesday with my favorite store I've ever been to, they are opening a branch in Portland and I'm hoping to consign some of my original drawings on wood there. Wish me luck!


Lisa-Marie said...

Oh how i wish i worked somewhere where people made beautiful cakes. I do bake with the children I look after. but the results are variable!

Love the onyx ring, I have a similar one, and also an opal one which is supposed to be terribly bad luck but has had no effect on me!

wghook said...

good luck! Awesome pics. I really like the light in the shot of the baker, and I still like reading your blog. Love your humor.

Melissa said...

Good luck with your drawings, they are beautiful. I should have gotten one before you stopped selling them online. I'm glad you're still blogging every now and then as well.

Steven Anthony said...

much luck with your drawings, I will say a little prayer to the god and goddess for you;)

that soup looks wonderful.

Megon and Julie said...

good luck!! and your ring is gorgeous...I'm a huge onyx lover myself.

princess sputnik said...

RAD costume. Totally rad.

tara.agacayak said...

Good luck!

Heather said...

Good luck! It's great to have you back and sounding so happy.

ComfortFood said...

I wish I looked so good in my Haloween-Chef, as it were- costume. Hey, I came straight from work, give me a break! Glad to read your stuff again, thanks.

Adriana said...

omg! you live in portland! and i love your blog and i live in portland too! how awesome is that? yes... i'm crazy... but for real, awesome blog! terrible thing i hadn't found it until now...

Bella Mills said...

Great ring. It looks very much at home on your finger. Sometimes I think your blog is like a reality show because of it's honesty but I find myself quickly dismissing that thought as it is far more artistic and beautiful. You are very talented and I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for brightening my morning in sunny Australia.

bella rochella said...

lady, you are rad! i love your blog. i too am a portlander and i too blog - just not as often these days. :( hopefully the post-holiday slump will inspire (or at least give me more time). i admire your art and love your food posts. :) i wonder if you've heard of Radish Underground? they're an awesome independent fashion boutique/art gallery. i wonder if they'd host your art sometime? check it out if you get a chance...i can definitely see your art there. fare thee well!

::rochelle @

reddress said...

got here searching for ginger cookies (which I baked, and were delicious, even though I didn't have molasses, though did add sugared pecans) and also found this- yr tattoos are some of the most beautiful i've seen (i write a blog about tattoos [in hebrew]