Sunday, November 21, 2010

dope dope dope

life has been way too awesome to spend every day blogging. like the other day i was standing in front of a bar texting my no-show friends and shivering in the cold all like "BOO HOO NOW WHAT?" and another friend just happened to walk by. he was like, "dude what are you doing right now? there's a free red fang show at the tube in five minutes, we're walking there right now!"


so... that was fucking sweet.

it's supposed to snow tonight. it's been really cold and wet.


(you can tell because i posted this picture of RAAAAIN. it like, sets the mood and shit.)

also i have been making lots of soups because it's been really cold:


i have been slowly making my way through this soup cookbook:

it has a bunch of cool techniques and hints and stuff, like enriching your soup by stirring in a knob of butter at the end (I RECOMMEND THIS!!!!) or how to rescue a too-salty soup (cook a whole potato in the soup and then remove it). i love this book! thank you, library!!

this year we are hosting a small family thanksgiving at our house for the very first time. we already ordered our stupid hippie free range turkey (only like 10 cents more a pound than the crappy supermarket turkeys! it better be good though, i want to feel really smug about it.) and i've been pre-gaming by making lots of stock and freezing it, and the other day i finally roasted off the pumpkins i grew:


I mashed it and swapped some of it at a food swap, and the rest i'm saving for a pumpkin pie. now i have to decide if i want to do a streusel-top pumpkin pie. i know that i would love it but i think my family might get weird.


also been taking beautiful walks on beautiful days with beautiful friends.

if i were the jesus-y sort i'd probably sit here talking about how blessed i am by the lord but instead how about i make a joke about satan (SATAN RULES!) and just give out a general vibe to the universe- THANKS UNIVERSE. thanks for the free red fang show, awesome friends, good food, health, family, and a roof over my head.


the [sugar] apothecary said...

aw man, i'd definitely go for the streuseled pumpkin pie. i loaded up on pears this weekend, so i'm hoping to make chuck and ned's perfect pear pie (that you posted two years ago)... i love using the holidays as an excuse to bake.

Jon said...

You cease to make me giggle. I'm hoping it does snow around here this winter. Last year's little one inch of snow or whatever that one day was shit. We need another big ass 2008 snow storm up in here.

Anyway, soup sounds amazing. I think I'm going to snatch up that book at the library as well. I've been meaning to try out soup recipes.

Good luck with your Thanksgiving dinner!

Samantha said...

I really need to make more soup !

Lief said...

You are a right hoot.
And ay, your pictures are brilliant. I like how the focus is sharp and specific.

brandi said...

happy is good :)

Ms. Morgan said...

I really enjoy your blog - it's just wonderful - so much I've posted a link to it on mine (under my favorite reads). Hope you get a chance to follow/read mine. :)

Lotus Moma said...

I am not sure how to write with with out sounding like a crazy stalker. But....
Were you are Jo-Anns Fabric last night at about closing time?? I was pretty sure it was you and wanted to tell you how much I loved this blog and have used many recipes and how you crack me up. But I weirded my self out and got shy. I was the second girl behind you in line with the dark hair and purple scarf. I doubt you remember. lol Any way you are just as beautiful in person (if that was you).love1234

Alicia Lynn Carrier said...

haha that was totally me, but i was too busy being SUPER ANNOYED with the old lady who kept FUCKING BUMPING ME WITH HER BASKET in her excitement to look at shitty dollar ornaments. sorry i didn't notice you :D

LisaBW said...

Can you tell me the name of the soup cookbook? I just see a little box with a question mark in the photo marker---thanks!

mesmerize138 said...

You know, I'm pretty convinced you and I could be friends in real life. Our sons are the same age, both seem to be very interested in superheroes (yours with IronMan, mine with Batman), you are artistic and tattooed and awesome and I am too! Too bad I'm on the entirely opposite side of the country. Ah well.