Tuesday, April 13, 2010

electric stir fry


It feels like we're making no progress on our kitchen, but that's probably because my husband is doing all the work. He's just in the process of rewiring some electrical stuff, moving plumbing down the wall, patching rotted parts of the subfloor. These are all projects that he's doing in the hours immediately after he gets home from work, too. I can't believe how hard he's working.


We're all getting over a cold and we're all REALLY tired of takeout but cooking in our living room can be such a drag, especially if we have to bust out the camp stove on the porch. But then, a revelation! My mom reminded me that she owns a huge electric skillet!



My mom has had this thing my whole life, but I completely forgot about it. She used to bust it out on occasion when I was a kid for random dishes, and it comes in handy when you're cooking for a lot of people and your stove is all filled up.


Anyway, it feels awesome to eat home cooked food, even if it's just a simple stir fry with eggs and vegetables.


And Sambal. Oh hey, I do like soliciting the opinions of my readers. What's your favorite chili sauce? I like the Sambal Oelek but I want recommendations for other stuff, especially stuff you can get at Asian markets, I live right down the street from a huge one.


Jon said...

gochuchang. it's a korean fermented pepper paste. it's pretty much good in everything. you can find it at fubonn. i'm assuming that's the huge asian store you live down from.

Dale said...

living here in south korea, and they have mastered the art of chili sauces... they have a fantastic chili sauce called ssamjang. It's chili paste, lots of seaseme, and a couple other things mixed together. Here's a wikipedia article about it:
It's traditionally eaten with bbq pork and lettuce, but if willing to 'bend food rules', it's really good on eggs too. My favorite food here in seoul is this sauce.

Megan said...

Sriracha. Love it on just about anything. From Bloody Mary's to shrimp!

Cate said...

Another vote for gojuchang...it's not that spicy but it's sooo good.

And I love, love, love the Chili Garlic sauce that's usually right next to Sambal. Mixed with tahini, it's the PERFECT thing to spread on tortillas, crackers, pita...(and obviously it's great on its own too)

Miroslav Milushev said...

I know nothing about chili sauce,
but I found your blog because of our similar topics - honey
Food is my passion - 6 times a day :)
I Will try some of your ideas.

P.S. Excuse my bad english

Henry O. said...

I have to agree with you, Sambal is by far my favorite, and when i'm not at work cooking for other people, it goes in just about everything i make.

dana said...

I agree with Megan, Sriracha all the way. There are just so many ways to use it, and it goes well in almost anything!


kathrine said...

Look for Shark Brand. Really good! It's like Sriracha but better. From Thailand.

Brooke said...

Wow you've got a keeper! He's doing a kitchen remodel and you two still love each other? Impressive :)

I have no recommendations on hot sauce, but I'll be checking back to see what people say because I'd like to know as well.

Kate said...

Sriracha all the way. It's a staple in our house.

Laura Dee said...

srrrrriracha, hell yes.

Elizabeth said...

Try some crock pot mac and cheese. For the grown ups only - drizzle with hot chili oil. I put some adobo sauce in without the chipotle peppers but probably wouldn't do that with a toddler. Saute some veggies and there you go! Continued good luck on the kitchen remodel.

Sarah said...

Sriracha. I don't know what you think of Walmart, but you can buy Sriracha there and it's so delicious! And just spicy enough for me.

Elaine said...

I'm on board the Sriracha train, but for anything Mexican-related, I like mixing up some chipotles in adobo with Greek yogurt, or combining the yogurt with the random "Chili sel y limon" spice shaker from the groceria.

Chris said...


Sambal Jempol. its a Indonesian Chili sauce that will knock your socks off with flavor and heat. i get it from the asian market here in the midwest, and go through a bottle every couple weeks.

The Little Foodie said...

Totally get that. Takeout can get so old!
Love gochuchang/kochujang however you spell it especially with bibimbap.

Ginger and Pickle said...

hiya! you would love sambal badjak - the chilis are roasted ... really great deep flavours!

markrussum said...


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ula said...

Sriracha, definitely! it is a mixture of chili and garlic. worth a try and cheap.
also, there is this sweet chili sauce, don't know the name but is used to dip in shrimp crackers or spring rolls.

J said...

oh this looks great. i know very little about pepper sauce but i must try to find it. from the comments i get the impression it is very good.


Mandy said...

You call that Sambal Oelek? Because in our house we call it "hot cock" and it is our favorite hot sauce, hands down.