Monday, March 8, 2010

honey tangerines.

I am kind of a sucker for the word "honey." I think that's kind of obvious. You know, I didn't like honey at all for most of my life. I was raised on high fructose corn syrup and citric acid, basically- so getting used to things that are mildly sweet was a process for me. I think my turning point with honey was the time a friend of mine presented me with some amazing local honey- actually, it came from his next door neighbor's backyard. It was mild and a little spicy, and it had a depth of flavor that I never even realized was possible.






ANYWAY. I saw these not-very-attractive tangerines at the store (Fred Meyer) recently with a tag that said "Honey Tangerines!" They're kind of expensive, I can't remember how much per pound, but I do recall the checkout lady clucking at me and saying, "Ninety-five cents for a tangerine?" and I wanted to be like "LADY, PLEASE. I know you're not judging my produce choices right now." I only bought ONE of them. Some people spend 95 cents on candy bars, I spent 95 cents on a tangerine. Get over it.

Anyway, the verdict? The mildest, sweetest tangerine I've ever tasted. If it weren't for the stinging open wound on my finger when I was picking it apart, I'd wonder if it had any citric acid at all. On the other hand, the membranes are ridiculously tough and the thing is FULL OF SEEDS, like 4 or more seeds PER SECTION, which is insane. After I spent 15 full minutes picking the thing apart, I devoured it in less than 30 seconds, but it was pretty tasty. A fancy treat for when I feel like blowing ALL MY CASH ON EXPENSIVE TANGERINES.


LindsayRuns said...

Haha I think it would be interesting to be a cashier... You could so play Freud and figure out who people are. I always get asked, what is this? How do you eat it? For stuff like kale or odd peppers.

Shanna said...

Funny...stupid cashier. They sound good but I'm waaaay too lazy for 4 seeds per!

melanie said...

Love the pics of the tangerines. I am currently living on the GA/FL border, and the citrus is in season and it's everywhere. love it.

Glad you posted about the comment by the grocery store person. I get that all the time, JUST SHUT UP AND DO YOUR JOB. Especially living in the south. last fall a woman actually had to ask me what this weird thing i was buying was!!??what do you DO with it? EAT it?
yeah- it was a squash.

Renai said...

I buy fruit for work every week and I bought some of those a while back! One person complained about seeds, but someone else said he was so happy, because he wants to CHEW his oranges... must have been eating the seeds! I'm on a Texas honey gold grapefruit kick right now!

Eliana said...

Now I have to go on a hunt for these because they sound and look great. And 95 cents on a tangerine is not too much in my opinion with all the other "crap" we spend money on.

Mi Piace Kate Design said...

hilarious! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and have really been enjoying your sense of humor. unsolicited opinions on food... ugh. Who would want to spend their money on REAL FOOD when you can have chemical crap for way less?