Sunday, March 7, 2010

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh satisfying.


Well, my laptop is pretty much dead (we'll get it fixed eventually, but it's 6 years old and it was time for an upgrade anyway) so today I dropped a fat wad of cash (and by cash, I mean credit) on a new iMac and I feel like I'm driving some futuristic pimp car. Seriously, going without a computer for a week or so was kind of heart-wrenching, but my husband has an iPhone (shut up, shut up! he's on a work plan!) so I could still check my facebook and be a douche on the computer like normal. But using the iPhone to replace a computer is kind of like grubbing around in public ashtrays and stealing all the tiny remnants of unsmoked tobacco from cigarette butts and then rolling them up into a new cigarette- it gets you through the day, but you're not proud of it and it's kind of awful to boot. If you're cringing and shuddering at the very idea of this, you can blow me. Don't front like you've never done something disgusting to feed your habits. LEAVE ME ALONE I WAS LIKE 14 AND NOBODY WOULD BUY ME CIGARETTES. I DON'T SMOKE ANYMORE, OKAY?

Anyway, subsequently, plugging in my new iMac and watching it light up was not quite like finally getting a fresh cigarette after a week of desperately puffing old crushed out butts, but more like SHOOTING UP WITH HEROIN IN A GERMAN UNDERWATER DISCOTHEQUE WHILE GETTING A BACK MASSAGE FROM 2 SEXY MERMAIDS AND EATING BEN & JERRY'S KARAMEL SUTRA AT THE SAME TIME. In a word, the most ecstatic feeling ever. Okay, okay. I'm overdoing it. But it's a pretty cool computer. And I'm trying not to shit my pants about how much I just dropped on my credit card, but whatever- if I shoot a few weddings this summer, it's covered. So hey, if you're in Portland and you're getting married, drop me a line- I have a machine to pay for.

ALSO HEY THIS IS MY FOOD BLOG, I FORGOT. Look up there! Sometimes I loathe cooking on grocery night, because by the end of the week, we're inevitably not as excited about what's written on the list as we thought we'd be, we have a dwindling supply of wilted veggies leftover from the previous week, and we just want to eat something super quick so we can bust out shopping before we put our kid to bed. Such is life. But, sometimes I have everything I need to make something delicious at the last minute, and sometimes I feel like a bad ass if I can pull a handful of crappy veggies out of the crisper and make something tasty out of the whole deal.

I got a copy of Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything from the library last week and I've been perusing it off and on. I haven't committed to making any specific recipes, but a few things caught my eye, and one of them was Pasta with butter, parmesan, and sage. FYI, that's the whole recipe. Pasta? Meet butter, parmesan, and sage. His recipe is slightly more complicated (melting the butter first? something to do with whole dried sage leaves? Whatever.) but basically I boiled noodles, put some butter on them after I drained them, sprinkled them with sage and crumbled parmesan, a little salt & pepper, and a handful of crushed walnuts. It was amazing. For a vegetable side, I just did some pan roasted vegetables, but on a whim, I made some breadcrumbs (by toasting the heels of my bread, then chopping them in my food processor with a little bit of salt and some more dried sage) and sprinkled them on top of the veggies just before they were finished, then tossed the whole thing under a broiler until the top was crispy and brown. I mean, a pan of roasted vegetables is awesome enough, but if you have a little bit of stale bread to get rid of, you should just do this- it was really good.

And god, I love technology. Holy crap.

Oh yeah also seriously, about the wedding photography- here's a portfolio.


LoveFeast Table said...

Congrats on your new baby! I know it will be a welcomed addition to your home!

Blue Is Bleu said...

Yay! It totally sucks having to rely on an iPhone.
And I'm so trying that pasta + butter + sage + Parmesan thing.

Triannas Treasures said...

I loved this entry and can totally relate. Have fun with your new toy. I hope you drum up lots of wedding business.

Deepa said...

One day I will escape the windows trap and have a lovely imac!

Cacio e pepe - basically just butter, pepper and parmesan is amazing too, i have no idea how cos its so simple. Yum.

Renai said...

Your posts make me laugh EVERY time. I'm inching closer and closer to replacing my 4 1/2 year old laptop and am anticipating feeling very much the same way.

Bossy Chef said...

Is that quinoa pasta I see?

Jon said...

Hah! I so relate with the cigarette thing. 13 years old, walking down the sidewalk, picking up cigarette butts and smoking them.

Totally got my hunger goin' with those recipes, btw.


haha! rad. welcome to the mac cult :)

Jessica said...

Yup. Mac.

No shame about the cigarettes. Just made me guffaw.

Oh, and you and I shop the same way - weekly. And I can totally relate to the wilty veggies and soggy motivation at the end of the week.

Hennifer said...

New machines are so much fun! What a high!

I saw your portfolio and now I'm very sad I'm not anywhere near getting married.

On the food front I can totally relate but I don't know how people eat sage... ::shudder::

Family of 4.... said...

That sounds yummy. And I like your description of your laptop. And yes, checking FB on your phone is just not the same. It gets you your fix, but it's just not the same.

I'm gonna try the heels of the bread thing, too. And roasted veg. Now I wonder what I've been missing. Does your son like roasted veg? I think our girls would eat it because they aren't too picky.

I can't shop weekly, I just hate the grocery store. But I'm way overdue for a Trader Joes shop.

Enjoy your laptop.

melanie said...

I am stil laughing out loud about the cigarettes, because at 14 I did the same thing. I dont smoke anymore either so it was funny remembering.

Love the weddings photos.

Sarah said...

Not making fun of your example of cig butts--instead laughing so hard I snorted. I hate that I use my iTouch so much, and's 2 feet away from me right now.

j.cro said...

Hi, How do you make your links open in another window? I can't seem to figure that out. Those wedding photos are lovely. How's the new computer working out? I'm thinking about getting one - I do a lot of photo stuff and am curious to know how you like it after you've had it for a while.
Thanks so much for answering all my questions!