Thursday, January 14, 2010

grilled flatbreads


Sometimes I feel like I go on these kicks where I can't stop posting about the same crap. If that's annoying, uh- sorry. Like when I post about eggs all the time, or soup all the time. Or, in this case- that stupid pizza dough I'm always rambling about. But, whatever. A little bit of pizza dough never hurt anyone.

That recipe actually makes a pretty fair amount of dough, like more pizza than my family of 3 can ever eat in one sitting- so usually I portion it out and save some in the freezer. That way, when I'm feeling lazy, I can just pull it out, thaw it, and make a little pizza for my son or whatever. I had one ball of dough in my freezer the size of a large fist, leftover from a previous pizza night. I knew it wouldn't be enough for a decent-sized pizza, but this idea popped into my head to roll it out really flat and grill it on my cast-iron skillet.


Remember last time I posted about pizza and I was all, "Oh hey look, my kid lost my rolling pin, so I used a wine bottle! Aren't I clever?" So, tonight I had all my crap out, I had like 3 pans of crap going on the stove, and when I turned around to roll out my dough, I realized I'd recycled all my damn wine bottles. WHOOPSIE DOODLES. I was all butthurt until I remembered this weird little dough-stretching tip. I don't know if I saw it on tv, or maybe it was in that page of goofy 'kitchen hints' in Cook's Illustrated, but hey- if you don't have a rolling pin or a bottle of wine, you can easily stretch your pizza dough over the base of a bowl. It worked really well!


I heated my cast-iron for a long time on medium-low. I did a little test piece but it got black too fast before it cooked all the way, so I lowered the heat to like 3 or 4. I sauteed some kale in bacon fat, because IT TASTES REALLY GOOD THAT WAY, and hey did you know that a tablespoon of bacon fat only has like 113 calories? I APPROVE OF THAT. Also, cooking my kale in bacon fat makes my kid devour it like crazy. Do you know what is music to a mother's ears? "Mmm, this is really good kale!" Whatever, don't get all crybaby about my bacon fat- when's the last time you heard a 3 year old compliment you on your kale cookery?


For some reason, when my brain jumped to "grilled flatbread," I mentally placed a poached egg on top. I had this image of a piece of nice chewy flatbread with some warm greens and runny egg- just thinking about it is making me hungry again, actually.


So, the final tally was:

Grilled flatbread (the piece of dough I used was 1/4 of the original pizza dough recipe, further divided into 3rds. That means the pieces were pretty small, and stretched really thin before being grilled.)
Sauteed kale (use bacon fat! and salt!)
a sprinkle of parmesan
some chopped walnuts
one poached egg

Before anything, preheat your griddle. Saute kale, and put it aside. roll or stretch out your dough, and grill each side until brown. Place in the oven to keep warm if you want while you get your eggs ready. Poach eggs, then assemble flatbreads. I did a drizzle of olive oil over the base to keep it from being dry- then topped with kale, parmesan, walnuts, and egg.

They were not very big, so I made salads to eat on the side as well. The only thing I think could have improved it would be a squeeze of lemon, but I didn't have any. I'm definitely going to make this again though, it was awesome. EGGS. PIZZA DOUGH. STORY OF MY LIFE.

16 comments: said...

Not a post I should have read before breakfast. Now I want that on my plate! And a 3yo that loves kale?? How great is that? Amen to bacon!

un bel oiseau said...

wow. looks fantastic. now i know how i will christen my new cast iron pan! wicked. awesome. thanks

Dani said...

This looks awesome. Two of my most favorite things ever: pizza and eggs. Oh yeah and bacon fat!

Just so you know, I recently added your page to my blogroll :) Hope you don't mind. I love your writing!


Jen said...

I feel the same way, even last night I was complaining about how we seem to cook the same 5 meals all the time. Thanks for the creativity and the inspiration. Plus I totally admire a chick who uses the word *crap* multiple times in a blog rock!

Dani said...

I'll just say: Mmmmm.

Mark and Beth Pratt Russum said...

I just wanted to say how much my wife and I enjoy your blog. We check for new updates several times a week, and spend hours clicking all the links you have for other blogs. As I was doing this today I thought I probably should say thank you. Whenever I am looking for something to cook your blog is my first stop!

Melynda said...

Just keep doing what you do, it is who you are and the reason everyone visits!

Love the dough stretching thing.

Gwen said...

that sounds amazing, and bacon fat + kale=genius!

Eliana said...

This looks delicious. You've got some great flavors going on here.

Amie Eliza Pinkerton said...

So, this is gonna sound like a really dumb/weird question, but.. how do you poach your eggs? They always look so perfect and delicious! Mine never look that good no matter what I do.

Lo said...

Great idea. My stomach is totally rumbling away, eager for lunch. So, it's a bad time to read this post... but it's a great time to talk me into making grilled flatbread! :)

amber {daisy chain} said...

YUM. that may just be a little piece of happiness on a plate. I have to try that one this weekend!

orange and salt said...

that looks delicious!! i just woke up and now all i can think of for breakfast is....'grilled flatbread...greens....poached eeeegggggg....', ha ha! unfortunately, i have none of tjose things in my fridge this particular morning. so i'm licking my screen, instead. ;)

we use a jacques pepin recipe for 'instant flatbread' around here pretty often. it's cooked in a skillet in hot olive oil, and it's no more than flour, water, a little baking soda and a pinch of salt. it's kind of a life-saver!

K said...

that sounds awesome - perfect kind of dinner for me. new reader to your blog - but everything looks delish!

Jeff said...

bored at work... now I am hungry- so hungry but at least maybe I am inspired to go home and cook something and skip mcdonalds. will have to check back for recipes. thanks

Rebecca Faulkner said...

Just stumbled upon this blog post searching for eggs and bread, and I LOVE your statements about kale and bacon fat. I'm right there with you, sister!!!