Thursday, December 24, 2009

tollhouse chocolate chip cookies.


Let me be frank: I don't screw around when it comes to cookies. I pretty much don't ever bake cookies, and I didn't even bake these- my husband did. But when it comes to chocolate chip cookies I'm not going to go hunting for some fancy-pants blogger's recipe. I'm just going to use the one on the package of the goddamn chocolate chips. And you know what? THEY ARE THE BEST COOKIES ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. DON'T FRONT LIKE YOU DON'T THINK SO. I don't want a single, "Well, actually- I think they're too sweet." Or whatever boo-hoo crap. YOU KNOW THEY RULE, THEY ARE THE UBERCOOKIE, SO GET OVER IT.

My husband and son banded together in the kitchen this evening to bake a batch of cookies for Santa:


We even wrote Santa a note (oh yeah, the carrot is for Rudolph):


And no, I'm not going to post the recipe here. (wait, haven't I posted about these before?) Just go buy the dang chocolate chips and make some cookies already.



Also, on a semi-related note, I'm incapable of drinking celebration ale without getting, "It's a celebration, bitches!" stuck in my head. Grab a drink, grab a glass. After that I'll grab your ass.

In all seriousness though, take care of yourselves, eat junk food unrepentantly for a least a day or two, and be nice to your family, if you can.


Lindsay said...

I love how frank you are. :) Merry Christmas!

juliamarisa said...

people always ask what recipe i use because they think my cookies are phenomenal. and yup, its the back of the bag. maybe i should start telling them its a family secret.

Widge said...

Merry Christmas. I always use pack recipes.

dorism6220 said...

I use the Tollhouse recipe when I take chocolate chip cookies to work-the guys hide their cookies so no one else will eat them!

Miss Kate said...

The Tollhouse recipe is the shit. Yep.

6p01156f7e792e970c said...

I get the same thing in my head when I see the word "celebration"! I was directed here by a friend when I lamented how most blogs written by mothers make me feel like I'm in Stepford. You, however, are keeping it real, so thanks for that.

Kate @

sarah e. said...

i just made toll house cookies! they're great! greater than i always thought they would be.

Jenny said...

those cookies look delicious.