Thursday, December 17, 2009

pea soup, slightly improved.


The other night I made a pretty boring pot of split pea soup. It didn't even have BACON in it. I just wanted something cheap and healthy for dinner, so vegetarian pea soup it was. It was... ok. I mean, it wasn't the best soup I've ever made, that's why I didn't bother posting a recipe.

I put the leftovers in the fridge, planning to eat them for dinner last night, but when dinner time rolled around I was like, "Ugh, dude- really? I'm NOT in the mood for pea soup, I don't know." But, laziness trumps appetite so I warmed some up on the stove anyway. Then, a stroke of not-quite-genius, but still pretty rad, I scooped in a couple of dollops of massamun curry paste that I had in my fridge.


Here you can see me cleverly hiding the date I wrote on it when I opened it- it's been in my fridge for awhile, but if you're curious, the brand is "Thai and True," it's made locally, and it's pretty tasty! I like the massamun the best. Normally I just put this into a can of coconut milk and pour over a stir fry for more like a thai style curry, but stirred into leftover pea soup, it tasted just like indian food!

Anyway. I uh... thought you all might be interested. Sorry, last night was my husband's company holiday party and I got drunk and made an ass out of myself doing karaoke, so I'm just gonna sit here in a cozy sweater and try to sleep things off, if you don't mind.


Sara said...

YUM! Sounds good.

Soon, Then said...

you are so funny! Made me laugh!
What a good idea to date the day you opened it. I'm sure I have some equally embarrassingly old jars of mustard or something. They just aren't labeled for me to know HOW embarrassingly old they really are. Thanks for giving me a chuckle. :)

Lisa-Marie said...

I wouldn't have thought to ut curry paste in soup - clealry I've been missing out!

You just be cosy in your jumper. I suggest a cup of tea!

lgk said...

I picked up a jar of Thai and True massamun when I was at a neat store in Portland this past Mary. It's so tasty...and still in my fridge. I love to make massamun curry with peanuts, Yukon Gold potatoes and shredded cabbage. Yum!

Gwen said...

You always crack me up, and thanks for the tip about putting something spicy and delicious in split pea soup. My husband loves sps, but I am afraid I find it too bland even with bacon or ham... Curry paste sounds like just the ticket!

crowsnsquirrels said...

I will try the curry- we have split pea soup about 1-2x a month in the winter- cheap,good and the 5 year old loves it. I usually put a ham hock in it- freeze it after one use, throw it in a second time- none of us have died yet and it still tastes great.
Love karaoke- and who hasn't made an ass of themselves at an office party at some point? They'll get over it. Party on...