Saturday, December 19, 2009

ned ludd, i love you.


My birthday's on Monday, y'all! I'm gonna be 26 years old, how... moderately exciting? 26 isn't a very rad birthday, what can I say. Anyway- last year we had plans to visit our friend's restaurant, and we got SNOWED THE HELL IN FOR LIKE 2 WEEKS. Then we got the flu. Then we got a STOMACH VIRUS. We had to wait until freakin' January before we finally managed to go out. And when we did, it ROOOOLED. Since then, it has become our favorite fancy date spot, and by that I mean we've gone back like 2 other times, haha. (We don't go on very many fancy dates.)

We almost went someplace else because there's just SO MUCH TO EAT here in Portland, it's hard to want to do repeats at the same restaurant when you could be trying something new, but what it really boils down to is friendly faces and ridiculously awesome food. We did snacky plates and shared a bunch of stuff- the pickles were amazing (PICKLED APPLES? The pickled mushrooms were my favorite), the cheese plate was awesome, we got a MEATPIE, the chef sent us out a bratwurst on a bed of red cabbage that BLEW MY MIND, and I imbibed the Love & Squalor Riesling, mostly because it was delicious, but again mostly because I'm a huge dork. The best thing we had though, was roasted winter squash with date molasses and bits of thick-sliced bacon. THE BACON TASTED LIKE A CAMPFIRE. IT WAS AMAZING. And the squash was all caramelized around the edges, it was awesome. I wish I had a picture of the face my husband made when he took his first bite. For dessert we got a local chocolate sampler! I don't think I've ever been to a restaurant that has something like this on their dessert menu but I thought it was awesome, because I was STUFFED, and it was just small bites of really excellent chocolate. (Note to Jason & Ben if you're reading- the chocolates were awesome, but you need to get some Lillie Belle chocolates on that tasting menu! They have good shit.)

Uhhhhhh anyway. We had an awesome meal, went out for a movie, and now we're sitting on the couch like lazy old people because I have to work in the morning. A+ pretend birthday!


allison said...

I love your blog.
it's OM NOMM'in good,
and that means amazing.


Sunday said...

I was reading right up until I saw the word MEEAAAATPIIIEEE and then I lost consciousness.

Catastrophysicist said...

Nedd Ludd, is a sweet restaurant, indeed, and has one of the only not-bullshit cheese plates I've ever ordered. Was dreaming about the big ass poke chop we go there last time, so I bought a couple from pastaworks, and pan-fried them bitches up, and they were good, but I missed that wood-fired cracklin'!

Happy B-day!