Sunday, October 18, 2009

sugar skulls.

You might remember my friend Ivonne Carley and her skulls from her guest post last year. She made more skulls this year, and she's listed them in her etsy shop, which is great because I just ordered one this morning for my fireplace mantle. You should get one too!

Click on the picture to visit her shop! They're only 10 bucks and they will last year after year if you take care of them.

And, by request, tomorrow I'll try to make the oatmeal with egg for breakfast and post about it.

Edited to add: these are for decoration, not eating, btw- even though technically they are "edible."


MollyCookie said...

Those are amazing! I love creative Halloween treats.

Eliana said...

Super cute!

Cindy said...

Alicia, I love her sugar skulls. they are so fun...since you like day of the dead stuff...check out my husbands mask he made for halloween.
I am so proud of him for getting creative (paper mache and painting) it looks awesome