Thursday, September 3, 2009

midnight snack.


When my husband goes out of town on business, like any lovely husband, he brings back goodies. Usually it's a cupcake or two from Cupcake Royale, one of the accounts he works with, but tonight he came home bearing a big fat salami. Uh, from Salumi, dumdums. Don't get all excited. A few slices on a plate with some grapes, and a sliced and salted heirloom snagged from my buddy's garden- you can't go wrong. I wanted crackers but had toast instead.

Speaking of buddy's gardens, thanks for the goodies, mom:



She sent me home with a few bags of stuff from her garden and my son is in heaven with all those cherry tomatoes. I love those petite little onions she grew, I can't wait to grow my own onions & garlic.


Blue Is Bleu said...

Salami from Salumi?! That's a very good husband you've got there :)

Shalet said...

Those tomatoes look superb! I just want to thank you for your blog and recipes. I've found the no knead bread here and love it! I also made the mini-quiches -- perfect for dinner after a long day at work. Keep on cooking and posting!

Sweeti said...

Mmmmm, looks yummy. I'd want crackers too!

Angela said...

How can you tell if an heirloom is ripe?

Caroline Belle said...


Sprouted Kitchen said...

love that pic of the onions, very 'real life', love it

Amelia PS said...

i like your style!
I am new to your blog...looking forward to following you.

Tina said...

This looks so delicious! :)
Can you give more tips like that?

Really like your blog