Saturday, December 20, 2008

kale with pancetta.

Look, I'm going to be frank. I love vegetables, ALL vegetables, but do you know what else I love? Pig fat. The marriage of hearty winter greens and fat from some smoked pig is a thing of beauty, I have to say. So, yesterday afternoon, when my son asked for a bacon sandwich for lunch, I was happy to oblige. I had some leftover pancetta from pea soup the other night, and some unused kale from the wedding soup.


I fried some pancetta for my son's sandwich and pulled it out, leaving a pan full of rendered fat. In that pan, I tossed some chopped garlic, and then a moment later, some chopped kale. I sauteed it for a few minutes and tossed in some chopped pancetta, because really- I was already halfway there, right?


I really, really enjoyed eating this. What I'm not happy about is the blanket of snow on the ground that's keeping me from going jogging the morning after, haw haw.


About this Tim Roth guy... said...

Dang, that sounds like a simple, delicious, pig-fatty fantastic dish. I had pork belly for the first time the other night and could not believe how buttery it was. I imagine this was a similar experience.

mllenoelle said...

I couldn't agree more about the pig fat! :) I made some turnip greens sautéed with bits of bacon for a christmas side dish, and brussels sprouts with pancetta are also phenomenal. I did just post a Chinese-inspired kale recipe that is vegetarian if anyone wants to check it out though. Even without the pig, it's pretty darn good.