Wednesday, September 24, 2008

print sale!

Things have been very busy around my house the last few months, and I probably haven't mentioned here, but I've been featured in a few different art shows. Since most of my work revolves around this blog these days, I've been showing almost exclusively food photography! That means I have a stash of photographs that have been featured on this blog just laying around my house. I have 3 prints up on etsy right now that I'd love to get rid of, if anyone needs a little fresh kitchen decor. You might remember the following images from previous posts:

156 applecro

and of course, the magic cupcake bush:

So, if you're in the mood, swing by my etsy shop: and help me clean out my closets! I have another show coming down at the end of this month, and when it does, I'll be listing whatever hasn't sold on my etsy page as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

For Portland readers- you can see my prints in person right now at the Coffee Plant on SW 8th & Washington, or through the month of October at Valentine's on SW Ankeny.


VeggieGirl said...

Gorgeous prints!!

Julia said...

I love the BAKE written across the fingers! What a great idea :)

Summer (designismine) said...

julia: it's not written across my fingers, it's actually my tattoo! (it says BAKER- the R is on my thumb).

ThePeachTree said...

That magic cupcake bush just totally made my day :) Makes me wish we had a kitchen (don't even ask) so hang this in!!