Tuesday, September 16, 2008

camp food: part 2. (batter blaster.)


Oh man, what is there to say about Batter Blaster? I don't want to do an all-out product endorsement here, but this stuff is pretty hilarious. This product (that I sadly have received no compensation for mentioning, boo hoo. Gimme some money!) was first brought to my attention by my friend dalas verdugo (whose name is legally spelled lowercase, dudes) after he posted a video about making Batter Blaster pancakes. I had forgotten all about it until we were shopping for our trip and I spotted some sitting on the shelf, a single lonely can left. Jason was like, "Uh, really?" I assured him that dalas and friends had vouched that it's pretty good, and according to their literature, it's all organic and like, basically as eco-friendly as food in a can could get. We were sold, so we grabbed the can and our first morning out, we made some pancakes.


You know what? Not bad. Not something I'm going to keep in my kitchen for everyday use, either- but if you are camping or someplace where you don't want to have to mix your own pancakes, then damn! It's pretty handy. You just squirt it directly onto a hot griddle, and uh- well, that's pretty much it. We probably would have eaten a lot more if our crappy ikea spatula hadn't melted on contact with the hot pan, what the hell? Jason had to use 2 forks to flip the pancakes, something I don't think I would have been able to pull off.


Final verdict: easiest way to make pancakes on a camping trip. Will eat again. Hooray for Batter Blaster! (And is anyone else grossed out by the name "Batter Blaster" or what?! Sounds mildly pornographic to me.)


sammyw said...

Wow, that's so funny! 'Organic' and all! What's next, organic cheez whiz? Perfect for camping! Thanks for sharing!!

The Fabulous One said...

I can honestly say, I would never have been lazy enough to think that up. And I can be one lazy summabitch. I'd like to shake the hand of the man (or woman) who came up with the Batter Blaster.

And as a rule, I find most plastic utensils are useless for cooking. Especially flat spatulas. I have ONE which has somehow lasted the test of time, and other than that, all others have failed.

the projectivist said...

oh thank you for trying and posting.
all in the name of science!

and you're still alive
which is good.