Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tostada night


I know I've been leaving the posting up to Summer, mostly. I'm on a MAJOR health kick right now. It's been like 2 weeks and I've been taking really good care of myself, eating lots of salads and nonfat yogurt, and bananas, and brown rice, and stuff like that. So, while it makes my body feel pretty good, most of those things aren't really spectacular food blog fodder, you know?


Added to that, I'm having one of those weeks where my husband's been called away for work on way too many occasions to count, and I feel like I've been cleaning the same spot in my kitchen over and over again to no avail. Seriously, I clean and clean and clean and it still looks like a bomb went off, I don't know. But hey! Complaining aside, tonight I was in the mood for something easy as... well, pie's not very easy. I started digging around in my fridge and cupboards and pulled out the following ingredients:

Corn tortillas
A perfectly ripe avocado (woo hoo!)
One small white onion
A red bell pepper
One can of whole pinto beans
Half a cucumber
A handful of cilantro from my mom's garden
And, the bottom of a bag of spring salad mix from Trader Joe's.

Not a bad haul for dinner, if you ask me.


I think you can guess where things went from there. 5 tortillas (2 for me, 2 for hubby, and one extra, just in case.) were brushed lightly with vegetable oil, salted, and placed on a baking sheet in a 400 degree oven for... oh, a few minutes. I actually burned my first batch, whoops! Check often, haha.

Pintos were rinsed and heated in a pan (nothing fancy tonight), cucumber was diced and placed on top of a small bed of spring greens and covered with chopped cilantro, and the onion and bell pepper were sliced and sauteed briefly with a palmful (like a tablespoon? less?) of cumin, some garlic powder, and some chili powder. Everything was plated, and then a generous squeeze of lime juice over everything to finish.


The best part is that (HALLELUJAH) the sun finally peeked out a bit today, so this light meal went perfectly with the newfound summer weather. It probably would have gone well with a Dos Equis and some lime wedges, in hindsight. Oh well, I have the rest of the summer to enjoy light fresh meals with light beers. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!


Sally said...

What a tasty looking meal. And mmmm, I'm now craving a nice and ripe avocado.

Melissa said...

Looks yummy! Good for you on eating more healthy choices. :)

The Fabulous One said...

What a lovely final presentation. That plate looks almost too good to eat--almost!

Alicia Carrier said...

thanks! i didn't have any trouble wolfing it down haha

Dale said...

oh wow, this looks just wonderful! The fresh, bright colours are fabulous :). Beautiful meals like that make me want to eat healthy too!

Shanna said...

I've never made tostadas without meat, but have been trying to go meatless (at least a few times a week) lately. These were SO GOOD! The lime adds a perfect kick and lets me eat it without dressing. Thanks!!