Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A light lunch

Is it tacky to make 2 consecutive posts? Oh well. I just wanted to let you all know that it's not all about huge loaves of white bread, crumbly cakes, or pastas with sausage.

This afternoon for lunch, I snacked on a tasty plate of lightly sauteed broccoli seasoned with black pepper, a handful of garlic, (duh!) and a tiny splash of soy sauce. Today I made white jasmine rice, though I have to admit- even though I've always loathed brown rice, the Trader Joe's brown jasmine rice has really been growing on me. I think it's just that short-grain rice tends to have a texture I don't like, and it's even worse when eating brown rice.



Add a wee pat of butter to your rice (don't laugh, I like it that way), a wedge of lemon for flavor. I like a light lunch, most days. And listen- I could eat broccoli in damn near anything. I love it steamed (the only reason I didn't steam it today is that I was baking bread in my sauce pot that connects to my steam basket, haha), sauteed, roasted, you name it. Overeating green vegetables is a vice I will never complain about.


KnitCave said...

Yum, broccoli is so lovely. I think your blog looks beautiful and I look forward spending time with both of you and your food. Thanks for sharing!